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Residential: General Pest Control

Currently we are servicing Daleville, along with Anderson, Muncie, New Castle and all areas of Madison, Delaware, Henry, Marion, Hamilton and surrounding counties.

We offer the following services to our residential customers, covering a variety of needs. One-shot: For the residence with only an occasional sighting of pests, this service comes with a 90 day service agreement. It’s designed to target one specific pest or the occasional invader.

Quarterly Service:

This is by far our most popular residential service and is designed for the customer who wants to be General Pest Control Dalevillepest free year round. Service is done 4 times per year, once each quarter, and our customers enjoy a reduced rate and personalized service.

Bi-Annual Service:

Designed to cover the worst insect months, most customers wish to have a treatment in the spring and the fall. This is a wonderful service for those who travel south for the winter or just need a smaller amount of coverage

Monthly Service:

Large, ongoing infestations usually need more attention than once per quarter. This service is largely used by those who own rental properties that have a continuous problem with a variety of pests. Usually, one specific pest is targeted in the monthly program, but this service can easily be tailored to the needs of the customer.

Commercial and Industrial: General Pest Control

Businesses and commercial properties are just as susceptible to pest infestations as are residences, and often have needs that are unique to their particular type of business. We offer One-shots and Monthly Services that are suited to each particular company, treating each infestation with a combination of traditional materials and integrated pest management. If you are new to the idea of IPM, it simply means that we used mechanical and non-chemical means of pest control whenever it is possible!

Specialty Pest-Control, One-Time Pest Control

Termite and Wood-destroying:

A homeowners biggest fear, when it comes to pests, is normally the dreaded termite. They have every right to be fearful since termites can literally ‘eat you out of house and home’! We offer the traditional subterranean termite soil treatment using all the latest technology and the highest quality products. Don’t settle for less when your home is at stake. We also treat for powder post beetles, carpenter ants and all other forms of wood destroying insects.

*Disclaimer: Operation Kills does NOT use exterior baiting systems when treating for termites.



Bedbugs are rapidly approaching epidemic levels in many areas of the country. Our heat remediation system is the perfect way to rid yourselves of these hungry bloodsuckers. We use portable electric furnaces, powered by strong generators, to slowly heat your home to a temperature that bedbugs cannot survive. We also offer monitoring systems and other helpful products to keep you bedbug free.


Home Inspections:

Most real estate transactions require a home pest inspection to get a mortgage when buying or refinancing a home. We offer qualified, thorough home inspections at an affordable price.

Miscellaneous Services:

  • Rats and Mice baiting systems
  • Hornet removal, including nest
  • Mole consultation and products
  • IPM fly control